Welcome to Hero’s Crossing.

The time has come to brave the world as so called heroes, or at least thats what the academy has told you all. You all have lived in the town of ‘Exalted’ for some time… be it all your life because your parents were heroes or you a young child looking for a way to better your life and the world came to ‘Exalted’ to apply to the academy. people come from all around in hopes that them or their children are heroes, but in reality these people even the ones that leave the academy a success are jokes, nothing more then glorified adventurers.

you were not the top of your classes by far, some may have been just scraping by, but some of the teachers paid what seemed to be closer attention to you.

this is your graduation day… the day u get to get registered for hero’s crossing and get the big game quests… no more chicken chasing and boar slaying for you.

hero’s crossing, nothing more really then any a large pub, but with the benifit of contracts from out side towns that are in need of heroes. marked by a life size statue of ’exalted’s’ said to be founder, the un-named shifter warrior equiped with full plate and many swords, facing an oddly clothed warforge with what appears to be a humans face…..very life like.

the day is honored by the appearance of the over glorified poster boy ‘Sir Sigfried’ all decked in his shiney armour and horse…i large shiney snob of a human. said to be the best that ‘Exalted’ has produced. you think he should have a better place as a common stable boy…slaying boars…

A Hero's Crossing

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